I wish you an happy new year :)

This is the occasion to have a little summary of 2015, and have a look to 2016.

In 2015 first, I published some articles that you can read on this blog. In 2015 I moved to this current website : I hope you like it.

Most important fact in 2015 is creation of RGBa. With friends from Toulouse, we performed an old wish to work together with creation of RGBa collective.

Meaning of RGBa is to work together on more important projects : Animation, interactive applications, VR, etc…

Our first project is an animated short about a baby spider. We are currently on pre-production stage.

I worked on rigging, and tested it by creation of a little workflow test named “The Encounter”.

We was happy to be nominated on last Suzanne Awards, in Character Animation category.

2016 will be a great year, with lot of projects (blog posts, rigging, animation, tutorials) that should be ready during the year.

Meanwhile, I wish you an happy new year once again.