Hi all,
Here is a detail post about Bendy Bones, a new feature of version version 2.78. Bendy Bones are a better version of BBones, with more parameters.

Before explaining features in a video, here are some written notes:

  • Control lots of paramters direcly in UI, instead of indirectly set intermediate bones.

  • All this parameters can be animated, and can be accessed by a new Keying Set for adding Keyframes more easilly.

  • Bendy Bones curvature can be edited on Edit mode for setting a rest pose curve.

  • Reference bones can be used instead of parameters. These bones are not only parent/child of Bendy Bones, like it was with BBones.

  • When using a constraint where you can set Head/Tail, interpolation is now done on curvature, not on linear interpolation between Head and Tail.

Here is the video (in French) :

If you wan to know more about how to use _Bendy Bones_in rigs, you can watch following videos:

Jason Schleifer de Nimble Collective :

Face Rigging, Daniel Lara :