Hi all,
In this post, I will present you Whole Character option of KeyingSet.

When you animate a rigged character (and even more during blocking step), you need to insert keyframes on all character bones. But … it is really needed only on bones (and corresponding properties) that are animable by animators. Otherwise you will get lots of unused F-curves.

Here is Whole Character option usefull. Instead of creating a user specific KeyingSet, you can use this option. A tips that is not documented in official documentation is used to avoid creating keyframes on unneeded bones. (Based on bone name).
All bone names started with :

  • DEF
  • GEO
  • MCH
  • ORG
  • COR
  • VIS

are not taken into account. Other ones will be (even if they are hidden, or on a non displayed layer. Note that locked transformations will be not taken into account too. For bone properties, all properties are keyframed.
You can find this list (and source file to modify if you want to add/modify) directly on source code, regarding this commit.

Here is a (french) video explaining this :