Hi all,
It’s not too late to wish you an happy 2019!

Here is a quick review of my 2018:

End of 2017

2017 finished quite well: I gave a Rigging Training, via Les Gobelins, for an animation studio that want switch its pipeline to Blender. This kind of training is always rewarding for me too, because I can have some discussion with other riggers, working on other tools, with other habits, other constraints.

Toulouse Game Dev

I gave a talk about Rigging, during a meeting of Toulouse Game Dev.

New Job

Besides my Frelance activities, I have another job, and I quit my job and start a new one at begining of 2018. I am now a developer / Technical Artist, as subcontractor of Airbus Defence & Space.
All this blog is my own thoughts, and not linked to work I’m doing for my employer for Airbus :)

glTF importer

I developed (first for Airbus DS, then for myself) a Blender addon for importing glTF/glb files into Blender.

I was contacted by Khronos, in order to work on a new importer/exporter addon. Here is the addon Blender-glTF-IO on which I’m working for a while (on importer part for me).

This addon is now part of Blender 2.80 source code :)

Dilili à Paris

Last October, 10th was released feature film Dilili à Pairs, of Michel Ocelot.
I was happy to work on the movie with Les Fées Spéciales, in 2017. I did a horse rig.

Lodève Museum

With Les Fées Spéciales too, I worked on 2 rigs for some animation of the museum of Lodève.

Mr TicToc & the endless city

The game Mr Tic-Toc & the endless city, by studio Un je ne sais quoi was annonced on April. I rigged some characters in 2017.

Module d’ouverture

Since 2010, I teach Blender in INSA, an engineer school.

BUG Paris

I gave a talk, invited by Blender User Group of Paris, about Rigging.

VSE Book

During the summer, I was part of a book sprint about Blender Video Sequence Editor. The (french) book is named Blender pour le montage video. This was organised by FLOSS Manual Francophone.

Animation Training

I gave (via Les Fées Spéciales), 2 times 1 week of training about animation on Blender. This was for an animation studio starting a production on Blender.

Blender Conference

This year again I was in Blender Conference, where I gave a talk with Airbus DS, about some work I did.
I was also co-speaker for French speaking meeting.

Another: Suzanne Awards

I did 2 rigs for the short Another, and this short won Suzanne Awards 2018!

Capitole du Libre

I gave a talk about Rigify (and also a talk with RGBa about 2.80)


Unfortunately, with all the stuff I already spoke, I didn’t have so much time to work on [BleRiFa]. Only some updates that you can find directly on BleRiFa website.


WIth [RGBa collective], we met during a week-end to continue working together. It was a really pleasant week-end, I hope we will be able to meet again more times this year!

2019 should be a great year too :)