Hi all,
It’s not too late to wish you an happy 2020!

Here is a quick review of my 2019, as I did last year.

Grease Pencil training

At the start of the year, I had the opportunity to follow a Grease Pencil training at Les Fées Spéciales, given by the excellent Daniel Martinez Lara.

Rigging for ‘Criquet de La Crau’

For Les Fées Spéciales again, I worked on the short film Criquet de La Crau, where I rigged the cricket.

Animation initiation in Blender

I taught rigging and animation initiation in Blender, at the University of Cergy Pontoise, as part of the license professionnelle Infographie: patrimoine, visualisation et modélisation 3D

Human and bird rigs

I made, for the studio from Bordeaux Un je ne sais quoi, 2 rigs, one for a human character, the other for a bird, all for a game project. Here is a trailer:


I talked, as part of GrafikLabor 2019. This conference dealt with the exchange of animation data between Blender and Godot (notably thanks to the glTF format).


I was lucky to be able to be hired by Airbus Defense & Space, where I had previously been a subcontractor. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that everything on this site is only mine, and is not related to the activities I do for Airbus :)

Module d’ouverture

Since 2010, I teach Blender in INSA, an engineer school.

Blender Conference

This year, I did not give a conference in English during the Blender Conference, but I, as for a few years now, co-hosted the French-speaking meetings.

Capitole du Libre

I gave a conference during the Capitole du libre which talked about the glTF format for data exchange between Blender and Godot.

Rig pour Polycake Collective

I made a rough sketch rig for the collective Polycake Collective (with whom I had already worked last year on the short film Another). Due to lack of time (and skill in the face rigging part), I had to stop my work along the way.


Like last year, unfortunately, due to lack of time, I didn’t work so much on my addons. I have however started, for some of them, the conversion to version 2.80


I worked, throughout the year, on the import (then on the import / export) of glTF 2.0 format in Blender. I talked about it mid-year in this article. Since then, a lot has been done on export (in particular on the rigging & animation part), to bring it to a suitable level.

Et ensuite ?

2019 was not an easy year! What does 2020 hold in store for us? Difficult to say at the moment, even if currently, I wish to take a step back, to rest a little bite. The previous years have all been exciting, but I think I also have to think about my health and my family.