Blender 2.82

Blender version 2.82 was released last week! Lot’s of new features! I’m not going to detail all of them here, but you can get a quite heavy list by following this link.

Among the new features, I will obviously tell you about what has been improved on glTF :)

glTF : improvement, bug fixes, performance

You can find the full list of fixes and improvements here, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Ability to import more than one file at the same time
  • Option to export deformation bones only
  • Basic export of drivers on shapekeys (driven by animation on armature)
  • Improvement of performance when exporting image textures
  • Implementation of an API to define export extensions

Thank you to everyone who has worked on these subjects (I’m not alone!)

Godot links

I worked with the team of the promising game engine Godot, to ensure that what is exported by Blender can be imported without any issues by Godot. This is now going relatively well, if you use Blender 2.82 and Godot 3.2

What’s next?

Work is not finished, there is still a long way to go! As you can see in the tracker, there are still “some” bugs, and “some” improvements to make. Among the main topics to be covered (some are already on track for version 2.83, others are not planned yet):

  • A redesign of the importer (made by Scurest, thanks to him!), which allows to correct many bugs, mainly concerning rigging. This modification is almost finalized, and will be included in version 2.83
  • Some work need to be done on everything related to the export of normals
  • A lot of work will have to be done concerning the management of the cache and the Vertex Groups, with a little research to do on the subject. I will certainly talk about it here.
  • A big subject concerning a more extended export of constraints (on objects and on non-animated bones)
  • And many other more or less important subjects, but always welcome for users!

In any case, don’t hesitate to open a bug report if you have any problems. I give you the link to the tracker again :)